12×16 Thick Walnut Wood End Grain Butcher Block

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This walnut wood cutting board is a great size for a smaller kitchen with smaller countertops. I find it has the perfect balance of function and style. Each of our 2” thick butcher blocks are not just visually appealing but able to handle daily use without falling apart in the slightest. 

Walnut’s swirling fine grain pattern makes it not only beautiful but incredibly sturdy as well. It also keeps your knife stable as it cuts with the direction of the wood fibers. That is why this wood is used most commonly for cabinetry, countertops, veneers, car interiors, guitar bodies, gun stocks, hardwood flooring, furniture, construction, and countless other projects including art and handmade items. 

On the Janka hardness scale, Walnut ranks 1,010 lbf or 1,010 Janka. With this said, it is harder than cherry wood but not quite as hard as maple wood. In fact, walnut wood hardens even further with age which means that your board will only get better over time and not worse. It also means that your board will be able to withstand daily use and potential fall or water damage without bending, chipping, warping, cracking, or drying out for years to come. 

Furthermore, walnut wood is also self-healing which makes it ideal for cutting boards as it is far safer than cheaper wood, plastic, or marble boards out there. While these boards are susceptible to deep grooves in their surface over time which trap food particles and contaminate food, walnut wood repairs these grooves thus eliminating this risk altogether. Therefore, no food poisoning or foodborne illness ever occurs. 

Walnut wood is also sustainable and cost-effective as well. This particular board with the end grain build will last forever. The reason for this is not only walnut wood’s durability but the fact that it can be produced and used for countless projects with ease. It can even be used in place of less sustainable woods as well. This makes our blocks not just high-quality but long-lasting and eco-friendly as well. 

All dimensions are approximate sizes. It is best to work with the natural characteristics of the wood first and the dimensions second.