16×20 Thick Walnut Wood Cutting Board

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There is ample work space on this 16×20 work surface. Perform tasks and cut with a breeze on this walnut board. The 2” thickness of this board makes it great not only for home cooks but for professional chefs as well. All prep work becomes a cake walk with this cutting board that can even be used to cut your cake! However, definitely clean your board properly so you don’t cross-contaminate or fall prey to the negative aspects of using plastic cutting boards along the way!

We use the best selection of walnut wood to showcase the true nature of the beauty of this particular wood. The swirling neutral pattern of this wood along with its fine grain makes it great for decorative additions to any kitchen but also shock absorbent and constantly becoming stronger with age. The durability and style of this board combined make it the perfect cutting board for all kinds of cooks and cultures alike. 

On the Janka hardness scale, Walnut ranks 1,010 lbf or 1,010 Janka. With this said, it is harder than cherry wood but not quite as hard as maple wood. This is why walnut wood is used for hardwood flooring, kitchen cabinets, countertops, furniture, construction, car interiors, guitar bodies, gun stocks, and countless other wood products and projects. For your cutting board specifically, it means that it can withstand daily use and potential fall or water damage without bending, warping, cracking, chipping, or drying out at all. 

On top of its durability, walnut wood is also self healing which is particularly beneficial for cutting boards because it means that your board is safer to use for years without risk of food poisoning, contamination, or foodborne illness. With cheaper plastic or wood cutting boards found at retail stores across the nation, the grooves made in these boards by chef’s knives over time trap food particles and contaminate your meals thus forward. However, with a walnut wood board, these grooves repair themselves over time and protect your meals from these problems altogether. 

Walnut wood is also incredibly sustainable and cost-effective likewise. This face grain will last for years to come but not break the bank. This wood can be grown in multiple states and manufactured with ease. The overhead cost of walnut wood makes it a great choice for various industries and even a great alternative for less cost-effective and eco-friendly materials. This is why not only is walnut high-quality and visually appealing but it is also long-lasting, eco-friendly, and cost-effective likewise making it the perfect material for the job!

All dimensions are approximate sizes. It is best to work with the natural characteristics of the wood first and the dimensions second.