20×30 Maple Wood Cutting Board


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This 20×30 maple wood cutting board is great for larger tasks in your kitchen and professional restaurants alike. Each of our maple, walnut, and cherry wood cutting boards are 2” thick making them incredibly durable and far less likely to become damaged from frequent use. 

Maple is a very bright and clean wood that has tremendous strength as a cutting board. It will remain stable and not tint with use. The sturdy and versatile nature of maple’s warm color and swirling patterns makes it perfect for all kinds of projects including hardwood flooring, cutting boards, butcher blocks, kitchen cabinets, countertops, gun stocks, guitar bodies, bowling alleys, and even car interiors. 

Whether you’re a home cook or a professional chef, maple wood is sure to impress based on its stunning appearance and overall rugged nature alone. According to CNET, “There are two types of wooden cutting boards: hardwood and softwood…The best pick? Maple or beech wood boards made out of a single block of wood. They don’t end up with grooves from your knives where bacteria can grow, making them much safer than plastic. Plus, these woods are easier on your blade than other woods and plastic.”

On the Janka hardness scale, maple has a rating of 1,450, making it one of the hardest domestic woods on the market. On top of this, maple is self healing. This means that maple wood cutting boards can withstand daily use, potential fall or water damage, and all kinds of prep work varieties without warping, cracking, drying out, or chipping whatsoever. Maple also repairs any grooves made in your cutting board through its self healing qualities which helps to prevent food contamination and potential food poisoning at the hands of trapped food particles in these grooves. 

Lastly, maple is highly sustainable as well. Maple is commonly used to replace other less sustainable woods not only because of its versatile appearance but also because maple is very easy to grow, harvest, manufacture, and use for all kinds of woodworking projects. This means your cutting board won’t just be cost-effective and durable but actually eco-friendly likewise. 

All dimensions are approximate sizes. It is best to work with the natural characteristics of the wood first and the dimensions second.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We’re so convinced that you’ll be satisfied with your new cutting board or butcher block, that we proudly offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all products. Our boards are all hand-built in the USA to ensure the highest level of detail, strength and durability needed to last. Whether you order a maple, walnut, cherry board, or have us build you something entirely unique and custom, your investment is backed by our guarantee to ensure your satisfaction.

Do you want a special message, initials, or picture engraved on your cutting board? We offer custom engraving as a great add-on for all of our custom cutting boards and butcher blocks. Our team can help make your new cutting board feel so personalized.

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When purchasing a custom cutting board or butcher block from our website, you can feel confident knowing that all of our products are hand-built in the USA. Our company, Mahogany House Woodworks, is located in Boise, Idaho and has been creating high-quality wood products for customers across the United States for over 17 years. We back our cutting boards and butcher blocks with a 30-day guarantee to make sure your investment is protected.

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Customer Reviews from Google

AWESOME!!! amazing quality! Friendly and personable in dealing with ordering custom made cutting boards. The initial engraving looks fabulous. We are very happy with the time frame. James worked hard to get our gifts shipped by Christmas. I would recommend him and his company to anyone!

~ Colleen B.

I ordered a custom cutting board as an anniversary gift for my partner. The final product was absolutely beautiful. I’ve never seen a cutting board made with such quality and care. They were willing to work within my budget. I’d recommend this anyone looking for a special, signature piece that will last them a lifetime.

~ Clara C.

Absolutely fantastic job with a cutting board I had made for my boyfriend as a surprise present. It was a difficult project requiring precision as it had to fit into a very specific pull-out slot in a 1950s home.

They very flexible and responsive throughout the entire project. He took each of my requests to heart – even when I requested we cut the board down a little to ensure it was a perfect fit. I couldn’t have been happier with the end result. My boyfriend absolutely loved it and it fit perfectly with the design of his home.

I strongly recommend selecting Mahogany House Woodworks for your next custom wood project – you won’t regret it! Promise!

~ Katie G.

Ordered two custom boards this year as Christmas presents. They are beautiful! Solid and of the highest quality. They will be treasured for years to come (hopefully!). Thank you for the great service and attention to detail.

~ Lissa B.

What a great experience. I found beautiful wood cutting boards on MHW web site and went to order two of them. The shipping was way off so I called them. The owner James called me back and immediately corrected the problem, took my order over the phone and went to work making my awesome cutting boards. He is a small operation doing big things. It is so nice to do business with a mom and pop shop who go the extra mile for their customers. Big box stores cannot compete with James quality, price and service. Not to mention I have never seen anything as beautiful as what MHW creates.

~ Kenneth K.

I ordered a last minute Christmas gift as a custom cutting board for my son who works as a chef in Portland, Oregon. Specific personalized details were added to the piece, it was gift wrapped and sent in record time. Communication and pictures were sent to me to keep me informed about process and status. My son was thrilled with the custom product that arrived in record time in time for the holidays! Thank you for your personalized service.

~ Catherine G.