warped cutting board

There’s nothing more frustrating than dealing with a mangled, warped wood cutting board. Although there are many ways to fix a board – we have the best method here and an explanation to why it works so well.

Some methods include steaming and ironing, boiling water with weight, or even laying the board in wet grass on a sunny day. These are noble efforts, but I think you’ll find our method not only easier but also more effective! We’ll also share some useful ways you can prevent warping again, and some other tips on how to properly care for your wooden cutting board.

First, we’ll take a look at why your cutting board cups and warps to begin with. There are a few reasons for this, including the board not being built properly. However, it’s also caused by not taking care of it properly. The warping part happens when one face of the board has a different moisture content. You’ll see similar effects on a common kitchen sponge; when you lay it on the counter one part of the sponge dries and the other side remains wet – hence the cupping. This is precisely the same thing that happens to your cutting board – by laying it flat the top is left to dry while the bottom retains moisture.

There are many ways you can fix a board – let’s discuss some of the more conventional ways to go about remedying this:

  • Ironing method
    Simply take a wet towel and wrap it around the warped wood cutting board. Lay the wrapped cutting board on a flat surface and gently iron it.
  • Boiling water method
    Boil a large pot of water and carefully place your cutting board over steam.
  • Grass and sun method
    Bring your cutting board outside and lay it in wet grass; let the sun beat down on it.
  • Woodworker
    Simply take it to your trusted craftsman and have them fix it.

All of these methods work and some are quite painless – however, we have the ultimate solution:

Simply flip the board over!

Yes, it’s really that easy – and yes, it works! Tired of fiddling with a wobbly board? This is your answer! This works because of the moisture difference we discussed before. By turning your mangled board convex side down on a flat surface, you’re equalizing the difference by letting air and gravity do the work. While it may take a few days or even a few weeks – this is by far the best way to gently flatten your custom wooden cutting board.

To prevent warping from happening again, invest in a cutting board rack. After washing your board, place it on the rack and let air access every part of it. Moisture dries up equally this way and prevents the board from re-cupping.

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Board

It’s also important to clean your board regularly and properly maintain it. You may think that using dish soap or even organic cleaning products can safely sterilize your board, however, this can dramatically reduce its lifespan. This is because these products lift natural, healthy resins from the wood fibers. Without these organic oils in the wood, it will “drink” moisture much easier – this not only can lead to more bacteria growth, but can also lead to more board warping!

Luckily, we’ve got some tricks to cleanse your board safely and easily. You’ll just need two common items:

  • Lemon/Lemon juice
  • Rock salt

cleaning and maintaining your boardSimply take your raw lemon or lemon juice and apply this to all sides of your board. After the entire board has been covered with lemon juice, apply the rock salt. The salt acts as a scrubbing agent, while the juice will works itself into the board. After that, just scrub! Once you’ve scrubbed the board, rinse any excess lemon juice and salt off.

It’s also a good idea to apply an oil to your board after this process to seal the wood fibers. Check out our custom-blended protective oil made with 100% beeswax – it will last for months! Preserve and protect your investment with this custom batched wood cutting board “butter.”

Also, make sure to oil both sides of your cutting board even if you don’t use both sides. If you oil only one side, the opposite side will get too dry and begin to warp.