cutting board bleach

Can I Clean My Cutting Board with Bleach?

Cutting boards are one of the most common sources of cross-contamination in the kitchen. Recent research has shown that cutting boards can be up to 200 times dirtier than a toilet seat. This means running the risk of infecting yourself or your family with salmonella, E. coli, or campylobacter. So, what can you do to…

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best restaurant cutting boards

Best Cutting Board Wood for Restaurants

Few kitchen equipment are essential as cutting boards. Although you may try to cut food without a cutting board, some kitchen activities such as mincing, chopping, dicing, and smashing require cutting boards. The best cutting board for restaurants depends on your needs and taste. Common cutting board wood materials include maple, olive, oak, walnut, olive,…

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My Wood Cutting Board Smells Rancid – How to Fix

Cutting boards are an important part of every kitchen. They can serve as a beautiful decoration and talking piece and as an important tool for food prep frustratingly though they can start to smell rancid over time. Soap and water do not do the trick. There are three common hacks for removing the rancid smell…

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best bbq boards

BBQ Boards vs. Cutting Boards

There are various cutting boards you can use to prepare food. Cutting boards range from oak wood to bamboo to plastic. All of these cutting boards serve different functions depending on how you want to slice, chop, or dice your food. Your cutting board can have many different uses, but choosing which one works best…

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What Is the Best Butcher Block for Chicken?

When preparing some chicken to cook on the grill, you may wonder if it’s safe to prepare the raw chicken on your butcher block cutting board. Is one type of butcher block better than another? In terms of food safety, you’ll find that there are many things to consider when choosing your butcher block, especially…

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