Custom Wood Cutting Board with Heating Element

Jan 29th 2019

Here's a video explaining a unique project we're currently working on for a university in California who hired us to build a custom cutting board. What makes this unique, is the fact that we're using built-in heating elements to keep the prepared food warm. Very cool, check it out! 

Why Should You Consider Choosing a More Expensive Cutting Board?

Nov 1st 2018

There is a wide range of cutting boards out there, which in turn, means a wide range of prices. Price should be one of the most important considerations when choosing between these options, but there are reasons that interested individuals shouldn't just go for whatever is cheapest. After all, consumers get what they pay for, meaning that they are going to need to pay more if they want to get their hands on a better kind of cutting board such as ours.Why Are Our Cutting Boards More Expensive?Her
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Is it OK to Soak A Wooden Cutting Board?

Oct 29th 2018

When your wood cutting board gets dirty from meat juices, vegetables, or other food items, you may be tempted to soak the board to clean it. Don't! Soaking a wood cutting board, especially a custom wood cutting board, is guaranteed to ruin it. What's worse is putting your custom cutting board in the dishwasher. Either method of cleaning can crack, warp, and split your cutting board.Bacteria Risk from SoakingSoaking a wood cutting board can also cause bacteria to grow inside the pores as it becom
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How to Remove Mold from a Cutting Board

Oct 18th 2018

For many of us, our wooden cutting boards have a special place in our kitchen and in our hearts. After all, it's no use having even the fanciest set of kitchen knives without a great chopping board to use them with. Unfortunately, all that slicing and dicing can cause mold to build up. Not only does this present a health hazard, but it can ruin the appearance and functionality of your board. The good news is that getting rid of mold on wood cutting boards is an easy process. Here, we'll shar
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​Can I Soak My Wooden Cutting Board?

Oct 14th 2018

A common question we get about our wood cutting boards, and wood boards in general for that matter is, “can I soak my cutting board in the sink or dishwasher?” Like all wood, it is not meant to be submerged in water for long, if at all. Regardless of the size, shape or species of cutting board, they all react to water about the same. Soaking your wood cutting board can potential cause issues like warping, mold growth and can also compromise the integrity of the board strength in the long
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