Custom Engraving Wood Cutting Boards

Posted by James Barrett on Mar 22nd 2018

There's really only one way to have the coolest gift at the party. You know, the one that everyone talks about and wants to find out where you bought it. I mean, don't steal the show, but having the coolest gift is IN now. Customize your next wedding or anniversary gift with a custom laser engraved wood cutting board! 

Monogramming allows you to add any sort of text or special dates to your wood cutting board. We utilize special laser engraving technology to get your custom message into any piece you want. Special events require special memories. And we help you create those special memories with a wood cutting board engraved! 

Custom engraved wood cutting board

This special piece was customized for a wedding couple. Their initials on either side of a larger "K" as the initial of their last name. We chose 2 compatible fonts that looked really modern together. Our customer was thrilled to have a piece that they could give that was truly what they wanted to express in a gift. 

Adding engraving to any board adds only $35 and is worth the smiles, tears, and joy when you see your friend opening their gift for the first time! And every time they look at their custom engraved wood cutting board they will be reminded of the love and thought you gave them. A timeless and thoughtful gift. 

We are capable of engraving nearly any graphic you can think of! And nearly any style fonts. 

Many customers have the wedding date engraved into a wooden cutting board because it adds such a personal and thought out gift. And it truly makes it one of a kind! A wood cutting board is awesome, but an engraved cutting board is something your friends will hold onto forever.

Many customers rely on us to get their gift that special and unique touch with a custom engraved message. 

We also are able to laser engrave company logos for a truly special corporate gift for your team. Say thank you with a deep impact to your employees with their hire date or other special milestone. A really nice touch would be someone's 10 year anniversary with a special note laser engraved into a wooden cutting board. 

Adding a custom engraved wood cutting board is really simple:

  • Decide what you want to say
  • We design the piece for you
  • Once you approve, just give us the green light

Every wood cutting board from our shop can be customized with your special thoughts-just let us know. We can help design and once you approve and are satisfied, give us the green light. You'll be amazed at the accuracy and crispness of the laser engraving.

Custom engraved wood cutting boards are perfect for: 

  • Wedding gifts
  • Anniversary milestones 
  • Company parties
  • Thank you pieces 
  • Special wood decor pieces 
  • Business gifts 
  • House warming gift
  • Sales touches
  • Etc!

So, whether you are looking for a one time jaw dropping gift or for a company gift, we have you covered. Simply reach out to us and let us help you get your special message across.