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Our face-grain, maple wood cutting boards are a popular choice among customers. With a handful of sizes and custom options to choose from, you can own a truly unique maple board to lighten your kitchen. Our boards are built to last a lifetime, and with each built up to 2″ in thickness, this greatly increases the life and durability. Looking for butcher blocks? Check out our maple butcher blocks.

Invest in Quality

  • All of our face-grain maple boards are locally and ethically sourced domestic hardwoods
  • Our boards are milled close to 2” thick for durability, which is thicker than most competitors
  • Quality construction equals longevity and reduces warpage and cracking
  • Our boards are constructed using water-proof glues
  • All of our products are proudly built in the USA – real craftsmen, not made in China with cheap labor
  • All boards are oiled and ready for use with a food safe mineral oil
  • Precision milled, assembled and glued by using best practice techniques
  • Optional engraving performed via precision laser for superior accuracy
  • 30-Day Guarantee on our craftsmanship to protect your investment
  • Carefully prepared, wrapped and packaged for secure transit using Fedex or UPS
  • Free Ground shipping within the U.S. to all lower 48 states

All About Our Maple Wood Cutting Boards

Usually when people hear the word maple, their first thought is of maple syrup or Canada. However, what many people never think of when hearing that word is the profound impact maple wood has had over the years in furniture, construction, cooking and, yes, even the kitchen in the form of utensils, bowls, and of course, cutting boards.

So, what makes this highly sought after building material one of our top three prime materials and what sets it apart from the countless other woods on the market? To fully define the value of maple wood in its entirety, let’s take a look at its various qualities and uses and outline exactly what is so great about it in doing so below.

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What Qualities Make Maple Wood Stand out?

One of the most unique aspects of maple wood is the fact that it can be found in both a soft and hard form. In fact, maple’s sapwood is used far more often than its heartwood for its density which is the complete opposite of walnut and cherry wood surprisingly.

On top of this, maple wood has a neutral tone and a soft grain that makes it great for staining, cutting, carving, and polishing. This is also why maple is used quite often for mimicking other more rare woods since it can be colored and cut to resemble various rare woods with ease. Paired with its density and its unique variety of grain patterns, maple wood is used quite often for flooring, furniture, and kitchen items specifically.

You may also see maple wood being used for construction as it is incredibly sturdy and can withstand varying temperatures likewise. On the Janka scale, maple wood ranks 1,450, making it one of the hardest domestic woods out there.

Although the most common grain pattern in maple wood is straight grain, you can also find birdseye grain patterns and wave patterns in hardwood that are perfect for design. The hardwood used most often comes from the Sugar maple tree which is also the tree that is most commonly seen in Canada and used for maple syrup production likewise.

Sugar maple trees are very common in colder areas of the United States and require very little care to grow and be manufactured. This is why it is also the most common maple wood found on the market as well.

What are the Most Common Uses for Maple Wood?

Although maple wood can be seen in nearly every single industry, the most common use for maple wood is furniture, hardwood flooring, cabinets, countertops, gun stocks, woodworking and carving, and kitchen items. You can also see maple wood being used for construction, car interiors, musical instruments, and even vintage road bikes as well. Although these are not quite as common as the other projects, it is incredible to see just how versatile this wood material actually is.

For furniture-making specifically, maple wood stands out because of its Janka scale rating and how straight and neutrally colored it is. Maple wood is perfect for making tables, dressers, bed frames, and even outdoor decks and patio furniture. One thing that should be considered when using this material outside is that it is susceptible to bugs such as termites so a good coating of a bug repellant outdoor clear coat is needed.

Since maple wood also has a soft heartwood that is more malleable and easier to work with, gun stock manufacturers, woodworkers and carvers, and instrument makers all love this material specifically.

Lastly, when it comes to kitchen items, all of the best qualities of maple wood make for the very best cutting boards, butcher blocks, bowls, utensils, and islands at an affordable cost without fail.

Protect Your Investment

Our board butter is a great way to keep your cutting board in great condition for years; and is also 100% food-safe.

Maple Wood’s Strengths

Even the very best woods still have their weaknesses and it is highly important to view both sides of any material before choosing to use it regularly. This is why when looking into the woods we chose to use for our cutting boards, we analyzed both their pros and cons in-depth to see what all could affect our production negatively and positively. Fortunately, we believe that by seeing both the pros and cons of maple wood specifically, you will definitely see why it is one of our favorite woods on the market without fail. With this said, below are both maple wood’s highlights and downfalls broken down entirely in order to show exactly why maple wood is so unique and perfect for the job.

There are more strengths with maple wood than nearly any wood out there. However, to break it down simply, we’ve chosen the top five perks of maple to look into further and show how they positively benefit our cutting boards specifically.

To start, maple wood is one of the most structurally sound wood materials out there. Its grain pattern, density, Janka scale rating, and ability to withstand scratching and shock damage makes it incredibly strong and great for any product that requires structural integrity. It is also a great material for structure as it does not warp or break easily since its grain is strong in its sapwood specifically.

On top of its structural integrity making it perfect for countless projects, the fact that maple wood can be found in both hard and soft wood forms makes it great for both sturdy projects and malleable ones at the same time. This makes it particularly unique and means it can be used to create designs just as easily as it can be used for projects that require rigidness and density.

Because maple wood is so popular and easy to produce, it is relatively cost-effective and easy to find. This combined with its long-lasting nature makes it ideal for people looking to only spend once on a product and not have to worry about buying this very same thing in only a year from damage and wear. Furthermore, because maple wood can be found in various different forms, while you may not find one form, you can surely find another and still pay the same.

As stated above, maple wood has countless different forms and species meaning that it is always available year-round unlike other wood materials out there. This is not just why it is cost-effective but also why it is used often in countless industries as production can continue all year without needing to wait for more product to be manufactured and shipped. This also means those that purchase these products are sure to pay far less for an even better material.

Lastly, maple wood is eco-friendly due to the fact that it requires little maintenance to grow, does well in multiple regions, grows faster than other materials, and is constantly producing oxygen for our atmosphere. On top of this, maple wood can be used to mimic other woods such as mahogany that are endangered and more difficult to grow, also helping the environment as well.

Now that we’ve broken down what makes maple wood so popular, let’s take a closer look at some of its few cons to see the contrast in full.

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How do These Qualities Make for a High-Class Cutting Board?

When making high-quality wood cutting boards, the main things to consider are the cost-effectiveness, durability, longevity, and shock, water, and cut-resistance of the material being used. For maple wood, all of these elements align to form the best cutting boards out there. Paired with our cherry and walnut selection, these cutting boards are sure to please our customers without fail.

The durability and density of maple wood is clear considering its Janka scale rating and the fact that it is used more than nearly any other wood material for flooring and furniture. This is particularly useful for cutting boards since your maple cutting board can be cut on, dropped, and used daily without warping, cracking, or wearing down.

Maple wood products created with care and maintained regularly can last decades and even centuries without becoming weaker or falling apart.

This is why maple wood furniture and boats from centuries ago are still found intact. This is great for cutting boards as all it takes is routine care to keep your board for years.

Lastly, the shock, water, and cut-resistance of maple wood paired with its affordability make it highly long-lasting and a great investment into your kitchen without fail. Unlike other plastic or cheap wood boards, your maple board can withstand daily use and not become damaged irreparably in doing so.

In the end, it’s clear to see why maple wood is considered one of the very best woods on the market and why it is one of the top three woods we use on a daily basis. Not only is maple wood sustainable and cost-effective but it is also one of the singular most durable and versatile woods out there at the price. There’s truly no end to what maple wood is capable of and we hope to show this to all our clients through our expertly-crafted maple cutting boards and butcher blocks alike.

For more information regarding wood cutting board care, check out our in-depth article ‘Can I Put My Cutting Board in the Dishwasher?’ today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

All of our cutting boards are designed and built using locally sourced wood from multiple suppliers in the area. We are based in Nampa, Idaho and are proud to deliver our products to customers across the nation.

12-15 days is our normal turn-around time during non-peak times of the year such as the holidays. Because your cutting board will be handmade, we are confident that waiting approximately 2 weeks will be well worth it.

We ship using both UPS and FedEx. Depending on the size of the board, as well as the shipping destination, this helps us determine the best option to get it to you the quickest. All of our boards are carefully wrapped and packaged to avoid damage during shipping.

Most cutting boards you find at stores are mass-produced, and most of them made in China. Our products are not only handmade in the USA, but our boards are built up to 2 inches in thickness, which means the durability level is unmatched when compared to other brands.

Yes we do. Our cutting boards and butcher blocks come with a 30-day money back guarantee. Click here to read more about this. 


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