cherry wood cutting boards

Why Are Cherrywood Cutting Boards So Popular?

Cherrywood cutting boards seem to be everywhere these days. After years of plastic cutting boards gaining popularity, it seems more and more people are turning to natural alternatives, and cherrywood is a favorite. Cherrywood cutting boards are popular because they are durable, non-toxic, aren’t harmful to knives, and they look good sitting on the countertop.…

cracked butcher block

Why is My Butcher Block Cracking?

Butcher blocks are made and used as a sturdy surface to chop and cut on. Although they were usually seen in butcher shops, they are now being used in the modern home as well.  However, what happens when the butcher block starts cracking? Butcher blocks, even though they were made to withstand heavy-duty chopping, can…

best restaurant cutting boards

Best Cutting Board Wood for Restaurants

Few kitchen equipment are essential as cutting boards. Although you may try to cut food without a cutting board, some kitchen activities such as mincing, chopping, dicing, and smashing require cutting boards. The best cutting board for restaurants depends on your needs and taste. Common cutting board wood materials include maple, olive, oak, walnut, olive,…

best bbq boards

BBQ Boards vs. Cutting Boards

There are various cutting boards you can use to prepare food. Cutting boards range from oak wood to bamboo to plastic. All of these cutting boards serve different functions depending on how you want to slice, chop, or dice your food. Your cutting board can have many different uses, but choosing which one works best…