We offer accessories to compliment your custom wood cutting board and/or butcher block. Browse below to see our famous board butter and related products.

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Our Board butter is such a great add-on to any custom cutting board or butcher block. Board butter acts as a conditioner to help protect the wood from pre-maturely aging. Our board butter is also 100% safe & natural, and made with no harmful chemicals. Along with board butter, occasionally we will build miscellaneous boards, coasters and other items, so check back for frequent updates, and contact us for a free quote on a custom cutting board, or cutting board engraving.

Cutting board butter is such a great way to making sure your cutting board stays conditioned and in great shape for years to come. Cutting boards and butcher blocks of all shapes and sizes have one thing in common. They all take a lot of stress due to the demands you put on them in the kitchen. Whether you’re a home chef, or professional chef, your cutting board is taking a lot of heat (no pun intended), so the best thing that you can do to keep the wood from aging faster is condition your board using a high quality food-grade board butter like the one we offer.

It is very important to remember that your cutting board butter has to be food-grade to ensure a 100% level of safety. For any questions about our cutting board butter, contact us today!