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James and Jamilyn are a husband and wife team that has been doing woodworking for over 15 years.

James started learning woodworking under the direction of his high school shop teacher for 2 years. Here is where he saw how to not just operate tools but how to effectively manage a custom build project from start to finish. James also took woodworking classes at his local junior college while attending high school to gain as much knowledge as possible.

Graduating from high school early with his GED, he immediately went to work for a high-end custom cabinet builder in the San Francisco area learning a broader scope and range of techniques, tools, and craftsmanship characteristics. The next job was building for a local high end craftsman builder.

James has been in the building trades for the last 15+ years, with experience ranging from custom home builds to running crews and completing commercial tenant improvements across multiple disciplines. He has had vital roles in projects in California, Maui, Virginia, Zambia Africa and now Idaho.

Over the last 5 years, James has been slowly getting back into fine woodworking and furniture building with a desire to create pieces that excite as well as last generations. Now operating out of a fully stocked woodshop, James is excited to create and grow his passion for the woodworking trade.

James’ wife, Jamilyn, is the guide post for James’ direction and helps him to stay on track and committed to the visions of their clients. She also makes the woodshop a lot more cheery and fun.

James and Jamilyn and their 4 kids work out of their shop in Nampa, Idaho. It is his dream to take his passion for quality craftsmanship to the next generation of woodworkers where they can have the opportunity to learn a trade that is rewarding and fun.