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How to Design a Custom Cutting Board

While you have to wait for a custom cutting board, it’s worth it. You can get a good quality cutting board, and you can ensure it has the specs that you want or need for your kitchen.

Custom boards are great for beginner and professional chefs. Designing a board gives you more control, and you don’t have to waste time going between stores to find the product you want.

Whether you’re ordering for your home kitchen or a restaurant, consider how to design and order a custom cutting board.

Choose a Wood

You can choose from cherry, walnut, maple, or other woods. Consider what wood looks best with your other kitchen tools or which you prefer. You can also look at the wood grain available if you like one grain more than another.

If you can’t decide on a wood, see what you already have. When in a restaurant, you may need to choose a particular wood to match current boards. And at home, you may want to match, but you can also get something new to try.

Determine the Size

Next, you can decide on the size of your new cutting board. When you buy a store-bought board, you have to choose from the sizes available. And some custom boards are easier to do if they’re an existing size.

But you may be able to get a custom size. That way, the board is big enough to fit the food you want to put on it without being too large. If you can’t find the perfect size cutting board, that’s yet another reason to choose a high-quality custom cutting board.

Besides the selection of cutting boards and butcher blocks that you see on our site, we routinely build completely custom boards from exotic woods, blends of multiple species, as well as special shapes, engraving and more. When you contact us about a custom cutting board quote, please allow up to 24 hours for us to respond, however we can usually respond within the same business day. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality products due to our commitment to stay 100% hand-made during production. We don’t outsource any of our cutting boards, nor do we mass-produce any of our products. This ensures that our highest quality of craftsmanship is achieved.


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