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Built up to 2″ in Thickness

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Built up to 2″ in Thickness

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All of our cutting boards and butcher blocks come with a 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

Wood Cutting Board Store, by Mahogany House Woodworks

Mahogany House Woodworks is based outside of Boise, Idaho and builds beautiful custom cutting boardsbutcher blocks and accessories all in-house. Each cutting board is handmade, built to last a lifetime and backed by our 30-day money-back guarantee. We build our boards and blocks using beautiful woods such as cherrywalnutmaple, and other custom blends. We also offer some great additions with each board including: custom engraving, routed handles, custom grooves, and more.

Why Choose Our Cutting Boards?

  • All of our cutting boards and butcher blocks are up to 2″ inches thick, unlike competitors that use less wood to cut costs.
  • Every single cutting board is built by hand. These aren’t mass-produced, meaning every board has a unique quality to it, with beautiful grains.
  • Built in the USA. We are based in Idaho, and proudly ship our boards across the United States and surrounding countries.
  • All of our boards come with a 30 day money-back guarantee.
  • Our cutting boards are so beautiful, you may be afraid to use them! Just kidding, but really…
  • We offer custom engraving using precise laser technology on every single cutting board.
  • We produce cutting boards for customers, restaurants, as well as companies needing wholesale orders for large quantities.

No Two Boards Are Alike.

Are you in the market for a beautifully hand-crafted, custom wood cutting board or butcher block, but need something entirely unique? We proudly offer boards that far exceed the “store-bought” standard. Never again will you look at cutting boards the same after experiencing the quality and beauty of our products.

our process
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Custom Cutting Boards vs The Alternatives

Whether you’re new to the kitchen or want to level up your cooking skills, you need the best equipment. Of course, that means getting good quality pots, pans, and silverware. However, you can’t forget about a good cutting board.

Custom cutting boards offer many benefits over generic store-bought boards. Choosing the material and thickness can ensure a quality cutting board. But with generic boards, the only choices are what is in stock at that time. Because of that, custom cutting boards are well worth it.

Generic store-bought cutting boards seem easy and cheap, and they are. But they aren’t of the best quality, and they can have some problems. Keep reading to learn why you should invest in custom cutting boards.

What Our Customers Are Saying…


One of the biggest differentiators between custom and store-bought cutting boards is the quality. Companies mass produce store-bought boards, so they can all look and feel very similar. Of course, that can be a good thing.

But some manufacturing processes leave room for quality control issues. The machines that make the boards may stop working properly. And if a company uses multiple suppliers, they may not all have the same equipment or manufacturing standards.

However, we make custom boards all by hand. The boards can receive more specialized care and craftsmanship, increasing the board’s quality. View our video library.


When you shop for a store-bought cutting board, you may have a small stock available. It doesn’t matter if you shop online or at a store; you may not have many options. If you want a specific size or material, you may need to wait or come back later.

But with custom boards, that’s not the case. We can make the board you want, and you can get it quickly. While you can’t get it that day, you can make sure you get the cutting board that you want.

Consider a few ways custom boards can increase your selection:


Depending on where you shop, you may only have access to plastic cutting boards. Or if the store sells wood boards, it may only sell one type of wood board. But different materials are better for different things.

You may want one wood for meat and another for cutting vegetables. Having cutting boards with different materials can give you more variety.

While some people used to believe wood boards could harbor bacteria, they’re pretty safe. Now, wood is harder to clean than plastic, but it’s also harder and more resistant to scratches and other issues. You can make sure you choose a good wood for your custom board and not have to settle.

Wood Grain

If you want a wood cutting board, you should also consider what wood grain is available. When you get a custom board, you can choose between a few grain types.

  • Edge grain is attractive and durable, but it can scratch
  • Face grain looks good but it’s more prone to scratches than other grains
  • End grain is a very durable option, but it’s more expensive and heavy

You may not be able to choose the wood grain when you buy a store-bought cutting board. So if you have a specific preference, you should order a custom cutting board that fits your needs.


A thick cutting board won’t warp as easily as a thinner board. Changing temperatures can affect the wood, but a thicker board can withstand those changes better than a thinner wood board.

If you want to use the board with both hot and cold foods, you should get a thicker board. That way, it won’t warp when you place something really cold or warm on it.

All of our cutting boards and butcher blocks are up to 2″ thick, depending on exact materials. We will maximize the wood thicknesses and widths to produce the best board we can. 


Of course, you should also make sure you get a big enough cutting board. If you go shopping for a generic board, you may not have much selection when it comes to the size. A large cutting board is great if you want to prepare turkey or chicken.

But you may also want something smaller for fruits and vegetables. That way, you don’t need to take up as much space when chopping those foods. If you get custom cutting boards, you can make sure you get the right sizes for you.

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