Locally-Sourced Wood Cutting Boards

In an era marked by a resurgence of appreciation for craftsmanship and sustainability, the art of woodworking stands out as a beacon of tradition. Within our industry, the use of locally-sourced wood has become not just a trend, but a symbol of commitment to quality, environmental responsibility, and community support for our customers. This includes the creation of our custom cutting boards, where our team carefully selects and blends woods like cherry, maple, and walnut to craft pieces that are not just kitchen tools, but works of art.

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What is Locally-Sourced Wood?

Locally-sourced wood refers to timber harvested from forests within a specific geographic region, typically in close proximity to where it will be used. In our case, this is wood picked specifically from the forests of Idaho, as we are based out of Boise, Idaho. We practice sustainability by reducing the carbon footprint associated with transportation, as well as supporting local businesses in our area. Moreover, it allows us to develop relationships with nearby lumber suppliers, ensuring transparency in sourcing and a deeper connection to the materials they work with.

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How We Select Wood

Crafting our cutting boards with locally-sourced wood begins with the careful selection of timber. We seek out high-quality lumber, hand-picking each piece to ensure it meets their exacting standards.

Cherry, with its warm hues and fine grain, brings a touch of elegance to the boards.

Maple, known for its durability and light coloration, provides a sturdy foundation.

Walnut, with its rich, dark tones, adds depth and contrast. Blending these woods in combinations, we create cutting boards that are not only functional but visually appealing.

Embracing Sustainability

By purchasing our boards that use locally-sourced wood, our team minimizes the environmental impact of their craft. Sustainable forestry practices ensure that forests remain healthy and vibrant, providing habitat for wildlife and helping to mitigate climate change.