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Custom Sized & Shaped Cutting Boards

Did you ever look at your boring kitchen cutting board and wonder of any alternatives?

Most people don’t realize how many possibilities there are for having a custom wood cutting board built by hand. If you do a quick search for such a thing, you’ll see plenty of different options.

But like everything that is built today, no two items are the same.

Same goes for cutting boards, and when you choose to purchase your board from MHW, you are choosing a high-quality, timeless board that is guaranteed to make a bold statement in your kitchen.

So many of our customers will comment when their board arrives, saying how much they are in love with the looks, feel, the whole package. The level of detail you will see in each strip of wood grain is unparalleled.

One huge part of the design process for our clients, is that they get to choose the size, color, and shape of their board. Although we build more rectangular and square-shaped boards than other shapes, we are fully equipped to handle custom and odd-shaped boards.