What Makes Us Different

 When purchasing a custom wood cutting board online, it’s important to research the the right fit for your needs and which company will help you create the best board or block to beautifully accent your kitchen. 

Below are 5 reasons to choose MHW’s Wood Cutting Board Store over our Competitors: 

1. We are a U.S. Based Company, and all of our boards are made in-house. 

 Often times, whether you purchase a board in a store or online, it’s manufactured in bulk, and with bulk, comes a decrease in quality and craftsmanship. When you purchase a custom made board or butcher block from MHW, it is being constructed by hand, with 100% focus on beauty and craftsmanship. 

Not only do we use some of the most beautiful and durable woods, but we construct our boards by finding the most beautiful blends of Cherry, Walnuts and Maple, and often times, a mixture of all 3. 


2. We build for “quality” over “quantity” 

When you place an order with MHW, your board is custom built, every time. Although you wait slightly longer opposed to buying a generic board on Amazon, you will be extremely happy for waiting, as the end result will be day and night in quality, craftsmanship and pure beauty. 


3. Customers LOVE our Great Customer Service 

We will stay in contact with you throughout the building process, and notified of any shipping notifications, or other important information and questions about your cutting board that might pop up. 


4. Over 15+ Years Experience  

We have over 15 years of building professional furniture and kitchenware, along with a state of the art woodworking facility to handle any sized project. When investing in a cutting board, choose one that will last a lifetime, one that’s built by MHW. 


5. Lifetime Warranty & Satisfaction Guaranteed

Most of our boards and blocks come with our lifetime warranty, which protects your board forever. As far as satisfaction goes, it is our responsibility to make sure our customers are happy with their end product, and we do everything possible to ensure just that.