A Comparison Of Our Boards

What Makes our Boards Better

We are a locally owned small business with access to the best wood and materials available.

This reach allows us to custom make a board for you that fits your style and your preferences.

The process we utilize, from raw wood to finish is unparalleled.

Step 1 is careful selection of materials to best work with the natural movement of this organic material. We then use a helical planer which has many planer knives to get the smoothest and flattest surface. And then running through a drum sander with machine accuracy to guarantee complete flatness once finished, the board then goes through a 3 step grain-raising process.

The 3 step grain-raising process is so rare that I can only discuss this with you in person. This process guarantees glass like sheen and finish even after multiple years of use.

This is one of several cutting edge technologies we use that makes our boards superb in fit and finish.

wood guide

We also utilize a complete food safe finish that provides superior water resistive qualities so that your investment will last for many years.

We know that there are certainly cheaper guys out there but we have seen and tried out their products. It is my highest objective to ensure complete customer satisfaction with every purchase because this will be a lifetime investment. We want you to be thrilled to show your friends and family your new cutting board and to be able to show it off for many years. Many clients even put their boards in their wills for their future generations!

Lastly, you can buy a board from anywhere else, but you are getting access to the best customer service around because we do not have any of the red tap like a larger cutting board store does. I enjoy working closely with all of our clients to ensure complete satisfaction with your investment.

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