16×20 Cherry Wood Cutting Board

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This beautiful 16×20 cherry wood cutting board will fit great in your kitchen and performs well! Each of our cherry wood cutting boards and butcher blocks are 2” thick making them incredibly sturdy as well. This is not only the average size for a home cutting board but makes it great for commercial kitchen usage as well. Experience professional kitchen quality at home or invest in a long-lasting cutting board for your restaurant with ease. 

Cherry is a very warm wood that will darken a bit as it gets more seasoned. While your cherry wood cutting board will likely be a soft salmon color at first, the richer and more lustrous red color that comes with cherry wood’s aging process will begin to appear in less than a year’s time. Not only will this color mean that your board will continue to become more visually appealing but your board will also strengthen and self heal as well.

The average cherry wood has a Janka hardness rating between 950 lbf (4,200 N) and 995 lbf (4,430 N) depending on whether it is black or brazilian cherry. As the cherry wood ages, this hardness rating actually benefits and any scores made by your knives from cutting meat and vegetables will also heal themselves as well. This prevents food poisoning and foodborne illness from trapped food particles in your cutting board as well. 

Cherry is also considered one of the best hardwood flooring materials because of its water resistant and shock absorbent nature. It is also a sustainable wood material and this makes it cost-effective, easy to manufacture, and perfect for form and function all at once. This benefits your cutting board as it can be cleaned in your sink and dropped without warping or cracking. While we don’t recommend you wash your cutting board in the dishwasher, our cherry boards are sustainable, cost-effective, shock absorbent, and easy to maintain and use for years both commercially and in your own home kitchen alike. 

All dimensions are approximate sizes. It is best to work with the natural characteristics of the wood first and the dimensions second.

Step 1: Choosing Your Cutting Board or Butcher Block.

We offer many add-ons to help make your cutting board easier to store, more useful, as well as personalization with our custom engraving. Once you choose your product and place your order, we’ll begin building your board soon after.

Step 2: Assembly of Your Cutting Board

Each cutting board is handmade to ensure the utmost level of quality and craftsmanship. We use beautiful and very durable wood blends, all up to 2” thick. During our build process, we pay attention to the finest details, which truly make our boards stand out from other brands, as well as generic boards you find elsewhere.

If you ordered accessories or engraving, we will next install these features after the board has been constructed, followed by the staining and sealing process.

Step 3: Packaging & Prepare for Shipping

Each cutting board is securely packaged to prevent damage during shipping. We use both UPS & Fedex shipping methods, and your cutting board will arrive with instructions on proper usage.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Cutting Board!

Your cutting board/block will truly brighten up any kitchen. Prepare each meal knowing that you’ve chosen a high-quality product that will last many years.

Do you want a special message, initials, or picture engraved on your cutting board? We offer custom engraving as a great add-on for all of our custom cutting boards and butcher blocks. Our team can help make your new cutting board feel so personalized.

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made in the usa


When purchasing a custom cutting board or butcher block from our company, you can feel confident knowing that all of our products are hand-made in the USA by our dedicated in-house team. Our company, Mahogany House Woodworks, is located just outside of Boise, Idaho and has been creating high-quality wood products for customers across the United States for over 20 years. We back our cutting boards and butcher blocks with a 30-day guarantee to make sure your investment is protected. All of our cutting boards are built using locally sourced and hand-picked woods

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We’re so convinced that you’ll be satisfied with your new cutting board or butcher block, that we proudly offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of our boards. Our boards are all hand-built in the USA to ensure the highest level of detail, strength and durability needed to last. Whether you order a maple, walnut, cherry board, or have us build you something entirely unique and custom, your investment is backed by our guarantee to ensure your satisfaction.

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